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Instead, you select a font, an animation style, a background pattern which also animates , and an image to sit underneath everything. By default, you get an Instagram-friendly square composition, but a button lets you cycle through a range of alternatives.

The best free iPhone video editors and animation apps

Quite a few of the animation styles result in questionable legibility. But work with some of the subtler options — and the rather nice backgrounds — and you can end up with a visually arresting video to share online. Splice sits in a space between traditional movie-making software and quick-fix video editors. As with products geared towards quickly fashioning something for social networking, Splice is keen to get you started.

Select some videos or stills from your iPhone, drag to arrange the thumbnails, select an aspect ratio, and you essentially have an edit. However, the app gives you plenty of options for taking things further. You can add titles, effects, text overlays, and audio. Individual clips can be trimmed, cropped, and have filters added to them. Naturally, in-progress projects are saved so you can return to them later.

Enlight Pixaloop enables you to animate your photos.

Spy on iPhone XR/XS/XS Max/6/7/8/X

Tap the play button and you get something akin to a cinemagraph — only based on a single still image, rather than dozens of shots or a video. Some of those features work better than others, but the entire package is a great way to bring your photos to life.

How To Fake Location On Iphone 7/7Plus/6s/6sPlus/6/6Plus -

It enables you to add custom soundtracks to videos — and all you need is a single finger. You can perform rehearsals using the viewfinder or with an existing video loaded from your Camera Roll. Just messing about with the audio alone is fun, but it all properly comes together when making a video. Vue is a video editor whose initial incarnation was an odd mix of intriguing and ridiculous. In short, it was designed to give you six seconds of fame by snapping an ultra-short video comprising three shots.

The best advice for handling them is to stop answering your phone. If the only new feature coming to iPhones were Silence Unknown Callers, that would be enough reason to switch. It seems like everybody is tracking you all the time. Sometimes apps request location tracking whether or not the app needs it. Preventing that behavior is challenging too. You can disable all location tracking, but then some of your apps will be useless like weather apps. Or, you can manually enable and disable location tracking each time you use an app.

If location tracking bothers you, Apple has you covered.

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And apps that track you through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi without telling you? Apple is putting a stop to that, too. When you use that option, you agree to hand over information to a company you may know taken from your accounts. When you sign in with Apple, you can either hand over your name and Apple associated email or, for even more privacy, a randomly generated email that forwards to you. Sign in with Apple gives you the convenience of fast account creation while maintaining your confidentiality.

Both from Apple and the companies asking for accounts.

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The competition between Android and iPhone sometimes feels like the battle between Coke and Pepsi. Both are excellent, and much of it is just personal preference. Yet for all the similarities the two operating systems have, some of the differences are huge. If you like swiping on your keyboard , Apple is adding a new QuickPath option that lets you swipe to type.

However, it only locates your phone if you happen to have left the app open. Sure, let me just run down my battery and bog down my memory. It's the gift that keeps on giving I've lost track of how many times that my smartgear tracker helped save me from being late to school, work, or anywhere. I can always find my keys no matter what!

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I would rate it 5 stars but there is only one downside with this app Got this as a gift, but was instantly sorry for my folks for buying it. Not only does it only work a few feet, but the device drains battery like crazy. I also see no need for the camera in the app. Why is it even there? Overall it is upsetting that this is even a design! Requires iOS 7.

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